Saturday, May 5, 2007

"The Illusionist" a pale reflexion of "The Prestige"

"Mesmerizing; the Illusionist casts an exquisitely bewitching spell with its dreamy atmosphere and persuasive sense of suspense. Neil Burger has fashioned a beautifully shot mystery, with precise and elegant attention to period detail, which heightens the sense of intrigue in this romantic thriller. The well crafted tale is bolstered by the powerful performance of Edward Norton. Just as strong are Paul Giamatti and Rufus Sewell. This suspenseful and stylish film has a welcome sense of originality. The story is rendered fluidly, with gorgeous production design, and the haunting score by Philip Glass adds to the spellbinding quality. It is a pleasure to see Edward Norton deliver yet another remarkable performance."
Claudia Puig - USA TODAY

"Entertaining! Rouses your belief in the miraculous! Teases you until the very end! The surreal spiritualistic feats produce a wow effect on the screen because they have an aesthetic elegance that transcends trickery; they look like works of art."
Stephen Holden - THE NEW YORK TIMES

I wrote about The Illusionist last night before I had the chance to see it. Well, I saw it, and I must say, it proved to be very disappointing. I kept on waiting for something extraordinary to happen, for that special something that would hold my breath until the end. It didn't happen though. I was about to tell you the catch now, but why should I do that? after all most of the audience enjoyed the movie. Maybe you will too ;)
However, if you wish to see a similar movie but much better do watch The Prestige. Nothing is as it me. Until THE END.

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