Friday, May 4, 2007

Zero usefulness?

"As advertisers begin to utilize the wonderful world of blogs, to promote their products, it was bound to happen that a company like Coca Cola would try to set-up its own, branded blog.

For Coca Cola Zero, a blog has been launched with a strange theme:

“The Zero Movement has one goal in mind. To rid the world of the negative consequences that limit us all. Everywhere you look, someone is telling you how to behave, how to act, what you should and shouldn’t be doing. What if you could live life with zero negative consequences? Zero Hassles. Zero Stress. Zero Fights. Zero Worries. Zero Limits. Zero Shoulds. Zero Parking Fines. Zero Demands. Zero Frowns. Zero deadlines.
That is our goal. Our purpose.”

As you can see, it makes Zero sense!"
Zeid Nasser

And if I may add they got it all wrong. Coca Cola Zero has nothing to do with plain Coca Cola, it's sweeter and is completely different from Light Coca Cola. What is more people seem to mistake Coca Cola Zero for the Light version and managers now buy the Zero Coke instead of my favorite drink, the Light Coke! It's really frustrating. I doubt it will be a hit. Personally I wish it gone, banned, disappeared from the restaurants, clubs, bars I attend.

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